Growing 100% of our own annuals makes our selection absolutely amazing. Whether you are looking for Tuberous Begonias or hard to find Fuchsias, there is a good chance you will find them at Maddens. We grow Bedding plants, Potted annuals, Hanging baskets, beautiful overflowing mixed planters and coco baskets full of tremendous mixed combinations. We are excited to offer one of the largest selections of , colorful, long blooming, hardy annuals in the New Jersey area. Whether you're looking to fill in a bed, or place beautiful designer pots on your front porch, we guarantee you will find the perfect match for all of  your gardening needs.


Maddens has many  varieties of Coleus!  Here are a few of our favorites.  The vibrant colors provide an exotic setting to Beds, Pots or Window boxes. They look superb alone or grouped with other plant material.  We have coleus towering over 48" to breathtaking cascading coleus and size  in between.  We grow  thousands of coleus  in every color imaginable!  Our coleus love the sun but do fantastic in the shade as well.


Rex Begonias, we all remember them from our childhood as long living house plants!  Madden Family Farms grows hundreds of Rex  Begonias such as Escargot,  Dark Mambo,  Fedor, Salsa, Flamenco, Hugh McLaughlin, Red Bull,  Etna, Red kiss,  Magma, and  Spitfire.  We also grow every color  when it comes to Non-Stop begonias so wether you are  looking for Red Baron, Flamingo Rose,  Red Dragone, Dusty Rose or Creamy Yellow Janny Fringed.  Stop by in April and May thats when you'll find the most beautiful selection. 


At Madden Family Farms we have many hard to find Fuchsias. With lovely hanging lanternlike flowers in magentas, pinks, purples, and whites. Fuchsia Angel Earrings are perfect for hanging baskets,  choose Dainty, Double Red, or  Precious.  We grow Swingtime which is red and double white, as well as Dark eyes, Pink Marshmallow, Lena, Southgate,  and Blue eyes. Maddens grows a wonderful selection of Upright Fuchsia such as Hot Rose Dark Purple, Hot Pink White, Ballerina and  Ernie Gartenmeister  which are all great for height in a bed or mixed container garden.  Lastly we also grow Giant Fuchsia , Deep  Purple , Blacky and Seventh Heaven.   If your lucky,  your fuchsias will attract hummingbirds and butterflies!  Most of our Fuchsia are found in hanging baskets however we also grow 6" pots of fuchsias. This beautiful annual is perfect for any Shade Garden, Hanging Basket, or mixed planter.


Annuals are one of our many passions.   Because we grow our own annuals we are able to offer you an amazing selection. So if your looking for Lantana, Verbena, Salvia, Double Petunia, Dahlia or pretty much any  other annual chances are you'll find it in not one color but dozens  Our annuals are grown  in our greenhouses which ables us to have a fresh crop all season long  Stop by in March for Pansies and Violias.