About Us


Melinda Madden with her husband Peter Madden own Maddens’ Greenhouse and Nursery. They look forward to helping customers with their choices and are always ready to advise on the appropriate plant, tree, or shrub for a specific spot.

"Our staff loves to help select the right plants for a customer's landscape and garden. We ask for pictures and dimensions of the area to better help you select the appropriate plant material - which ones need more sun or shade, which ones need a lot of water, and which are deer resistant."

When Maddens’ opened their business at 4312 Route 27 in 1995, Ms. Madden was fresh from a career as a multi-media coordinator for corporate meetings in New York City. A young mother with three small children, she decided to make a dramatic career change. Maddens’ opened their new business on Mothers Day weekend, 1995.

Growing the plants and seeing them thrive has become her passion. "I just love this business. Watching tiny seedlings grow into lush, beautiful plants is exciting. I love the beauty of the garden center, and I love making my customers happy with all the beautiful flowers we grow," says Melinda.

"We grow all our own plants, both annuals and perennials, and 90 percent of our shrubs," Ms. Madden explains. "This was always our plan to compensate for the changes in the economy, and it enables us to maintain the same prices for years. A couple years ago my husband and I bought 20 acres of buildable land in Franklin Township, and enrolled it in Farmland Preservation so it can never be developed. This is where we grow our plants. So our product is truly New Jersey-grown."